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Hormone Health - May 16

6:15-8:00PM @ Plano Location

Some of the most common questions asked of our pharmacists have to do with hormone replacement and breast health for women. In continuing with our seminar series, this month's focus will be on how some simple lifestyle changes, nutritional support and the proper use of bioidentical hormones can positively affect women's physical and mental health.

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Inflammation/Pain - June 6

7:15-9:00PM @ Dallas Location

Have you ever noticed the “-itis” ending on many disease states, like colitis, tendonitis, or even gingivitis, and wondered what it meant?  “Itis” actually refers to the inflammation of a body system. Most of the time, inflammation is a short term event, but if left untreated, it can wreak so much havoc on our bodies that chronic diseases start to crop up. Join us as we discuss the "itis" family and how prevention and natural medicine can help.

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